Sunday, September 14, 2008

Proposal for Photographic Exhibition “Natural/Unnatural”.

A series of images looking at natural landscapes, urban landscapes, and the collision between these two.

By Robert Moss

Architectural Icons:

Bilbao Los Angeles Ballymun.

Cloud Formations of ... the Sky!:

Having no respect for state boundaries, these clouds are from all over the World.


Engineering shares the same life stages as Architecture. Design, Construction, Use, and Demolition. There is also occasionally the stage of Dereliction.


Photography from both the natural and urban environments. However it is the collision of the two that always produces the strongest and strangest sights. The two adversaries often provoke strange patterns of interaction from one another.


The law of uniformitarianism suggests that the whole story of past present and future is mapped out conveniently beneath the feet of all those that have been brought into existence. In its simplest form it states; “The present is the key to the past.”

Fossilised Siphonodendron coral colony.
Exposed upon Malahide Beach, 360 – 320 million years after they lived within these seas.
Almost indistinguishable from their living relatives, this coral was preserved during the Lower Carboniferous period.

Granite block. Lashed by intrusive veins of Pegmatite.
Formed during the Silurian Period, circa 400 million years ago.
Photographed during April.

Reflections on a Bank Holiday:

All photographs were taken within Dublin during bank holidays.



The biomass of insects upon the Earth exceeds that of vertebrates by at least 2 to 1.
It is only a trick of scale that keeps them at bay. But is this a fixed boundary, or could it be crossed?

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